I began my career at Sixt in October 1995 with a part-time job.  From April 1997 until 1999,  I worked as a full-time rental agent in Dusseldorf. In 1999, I was responsible for Sixt implant at Mercedes Benz in Düsseldorf and Duisburg. In the year 2000, I became the branch manager at the main train station in Düsseldorf, which I was responsible for until February 2014. During the period 2000 – 2014, I supervised a variety of projects. I was responsible for the limousine service in NRW for six years. During this time, I organised various limousine events on top of main job. From 2004 to 03/2014, I was Area Manager in Dusseldorf. As part of this task, I was responsible for various locations. Among my other tasks was the education and promotion of young talent. I sought new and interesting locations where we could open Sixt branches.

In March 2014, I switched to Sixt Limousine Service in the central office, where I am responsible for limousine events in the whole of Germany.