Sixt UK Launches Drive Smug TV Campaign! 😏

Here at Sixt we are feeling overwhelmingly Smug about the launch of our new TV Campaign in the UK. Working with ad kings GREY staring the BMW 5 Series, get that Smug feeling now from just £49/day*.

Have you ever felt so struck by an achievement that everything else seemed to pale in comparison? A new born baby joining the family; seeing your child discover their way in life and
chasing that dream or the closeness when families come together are just a few such situations. Each in themselves is a reason to stop the clock and reflect, but, what about renting the new BMW 5 Series from Sixt? Now that’s something to really be smug about.

Get the Smug Feeling Now

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The Birth

The Affair

The Cult

We are very happy to announce a new TV campaign, running on television and online through 2017. Launching at the beginning of March, the campaign stars the new BMW 5 Series as Sixt celebrates its new and exclusive fleet member with a fantastic new offering through three hilarious spots. Restoring a sense of insensibility to British TV screens, Sixt is following in the footsteps of its brother and sister arms abroad with advertising that pushes boundaries and rustles feathers where possible.

In a UK industry not particularly known for its advertising prowess, Sixt is happy to step up to the plate and for only £49/day*, the company has certainly given its customers a reason to
#DriveSmug with another first class experience at an economy rate.

Viewers will be able to see the advertisements on Sky TV and our social media channels and website.

*Price based on a full weekend or seven-day rental. Subject to availability.